My Heartbeat feels irregular. Do I have a problem?

  • 1. Is it normal for my heart to skip a beat? It feels like it’s racing
  • 2. How do I know when this becomes a real problem? What are the risks?
  • 3. What causes irregular heartbeat, AFib?
  • 4. Can I do anything to make it better?
  • 5. Do I need to do any tests? What will the results tell me?

I was diagnosed with AFib. I am coming for a follow-up visit.

  • 1. Am I at risk of heart complications because of my AFib?
  • 2. What medications do you recommend and why? How long should I take them?
  • 3. Are there any alternatives to medications? Would you recommend any? Why?
  • 4. What can you tell me about ablation treatment for AFib?
  • 5. Is my AFib serious enough to require a surgery?
  • 6. How often do I need to see a doctor?
  • 7. Can I do anything on my own?

I have AFib and I feel worse. My medications make me feel sick.

  • 1. Are my symptoms a sign that my AFib is getting worse?
  • 2. Could what I feel be a side effect of the medications I take?
  • 3. Should I switch to a different medication?
  • 4. If I keep taking medications will my AFib eventually get better?
  • 5. Am I a good candidate for an ablation treatment?
  • 6. Do you know a good electrophysiology specialist that I can talk to?
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