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Troy   Rhodes, MD

Troy Rhodes, MD FHRS, CCDS, MD, PhD

University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics

200 Hawkins Dr, E314-1 GH
Iowa City, IA 52242 [see map]

University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics

200 Hawkins Dr, E314-1 GH
Iowa City, IA 52242 [see map]



Glossary of Surgeon Certifications

Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society (FHRS)   The FHRS designation distinguishes qualified Heart Rhythm Society members among health care providers for their specialization in electrophysiology, clarifies the referral process and serves as a credential of quality care for patients, media and gov

Certified Cardiac Device Specialist (CCDS)  Physicians earning the CCDS have demonstrated a mastery of competency, knowledge and skills in cardiac pacing. They typically specialize in device therapy and implant pacemakers and ICDs.

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

These initials refer to the doctor's credentials – they indicate the type of medical school the doctor attended and the licensing exam they took to become a doctor. MD stands for "Medical Doctor," and is the most common type of degree earned by docto

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

A doctorate in any discipline except medicine

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